My own My Pillow Review

The MyPillow is what restless sleepers ought to purchase.  Whether a back, side or stomach sleeper, its polyester gel fiber filling certainly gives a wide range of sleepers a good nights sleep.  Of course it doesn’t work for everyone though and no product ever will.  It offers sufficient padding yet a tiny bit overwhelming for the individuals who want fluffier pillows.  Strap yourselves in because I’ve compiled the best My Pillow reviews on the net and come up with my very own My Pillow review.  My main reference with regards to the My Pillow was

Polyester fiber gel filling is considered a luxurious filling because it has a more cushy feel that an ordinary down pillow has however it’s denser than a down pillow.

Key considerations of the My Pillow


The fiber gel stuffing ensures its hypoallergenic quality.  Fiber gels helps those that are sensitive to dust parasites collecting on their pillow.

Machine launderable

The pillows can be machine – washed.

Firm and malleable

It can without much of a stretch be formed, collapsed or scrunched in any capacity to give any kind of boost required or even flattened if required.  It’s meant to form around your head.

High string tally

What makes these cushions milder and more solid is its 370 string tally.  Its high string check keeps the filling from getting out and pollutions from getting in.

Moderately priced

It’s definitely not cheap but Contrasted with other “high end” pillows, these are moderately less expensive.

Cons of the MyPillow

No neck support

Many people complain of getting neck pain from the pillow.


Delicate cushions are great however these are too delicate and the stuffing is too thin that, when pushed on both sides, the fingers are verging on touching.  People believe that there’s just not enough filling for them.

Faint smell

The pillows might have a weak hydrogen peroxide smell which is very annoying.

Some more thoughts on the cons

The MyPillow should give appropriate neck support for side sleepers and back sleepers. The protected ergonomic outline highlights a rounded edge that is lower in the center and higher on the sides, to give appropriate neck support, and the front edge is tilted forward to support your upper vertebrae for the support you need.

The pillow is composed of: 75% cotton and 25% polyester.

  • Ergonomic shape created by specialists
  • Soothes shoulder, neck and back agony by permitting neck and shoulder muscles to unwind totally
  • Molded MyPillow material keeps up the shape you need for your neck and shoulders
  • Removable and launderable
  • Dust parasite and allergen-safe
  • Averts wheezing and different sinus related issues that might disturb rest.
  • Is built of MyPillow’s progressive TEMPUR material
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

My Pillow Pros

  • Gives astounding head and neck support for side sleepers
  • It performs well to shape and comply with your neck and head position
  • Keeps up its shape and can withstand a considerable measure of weight
  • Holds up to its namesake of the My Pillow quality.  To learn more about why the My Pillow is considered a quality pillow check
  • Keeps the temperature cool around your head/neck
  • Cost is cheap in comparison to some other high end pillows

My Pillow Bottom Line

The MyPillow is developed of MyPillow’s progressive TEMPUR material, which gets to be milder in hotter regions and stay firmer in cooler ranges. This implies your cushion fits in with your body’s one of a kind forms while keeping up its shape and staying strong and cool.

In the event that you are searching for a firmer pillow this might simply be your go to pillow.

Where to Buy?

This Pillow is in many different stores and also online.

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